Aims & Objectives

1. Transform lives and shape visions in the knowledge of God and His son Jesus Christ: This will done by organizing periodic Biblical Seminars for members. Bible studies will form the first section of all meetings held. Members will be introduced to the essence of practical Christianity and the need for Christlikeness in their lives as businessmen. Members will receive training in soul winning and how to show the love of God for all.

2. Build and position the business capacities of members: Train people to acquire vocational skills, providing entrepreneurial training and encouraging members to set-up their own business and promoting business growth.

3. Community development: The provision of portable and clean water, waste management and other developmental projects deem benefit at a particular period within a community will be provided by the organization if it’s within it's capacity.

4. Promote healthy living among members and the nation at heart: Health seminars will be organized for members and the promotion of healthy lifestyle and good eating habits will be fostered among members. Members will be given health products to use within specific periods. Carrying out communal labour and Providing aid for community members with health Challenges

5. Reach out to the needy and the poor especially in deprived areas: Widows, orphans, less privilege and the disabled will receive assistance from the organizationfor their survival. The organization will educate them to help improve their literacy rate.

6. Promote cordial relationships among members: The club would put up social event such as educational trips, excursions, entertainment and games to help members socialize.